All customer service support for every BasicISP plan is provided by U.S. based customer support personnel
FREE of charge.

There are no charges for questions regarding your account information or billing arrangements.

Most Common Service Issues

1. Setting up BasicISP:

BasicISP has made setting up your computer easy with our auto-config utility. If you already have an account with us, select to start the configurator. Otherwise, select begin the signup process.

2. Error 691 user/pass is wrong:

Check username/password for spaces before or after. Make sure to include after your username. Our server is case sensitive,so please remember to double check that upper and lower case letters are correctly typed. If your account is not active, you may receive this error message.


Make sure you have "" (without the quotes) after your username. Also, make sure there are no spaces before or after.

4. Error 678 no answer:

Please check your Access Number. Are you dialing an area code or do you only have seven digit dialing? Do you need to dial ?9? , to get an outside line? This is usually a line or number error.

- Make sure the phone line is connected in the 'Line' port on the modem

- Make sure there is nothing that could be blocking or distracting the signal: line splitters, fax machines, surge protectors

- Reboot machine to ensure that no other programs/software are trying to use the modem

- Lower FIFO Buffers/Max speed in modem settings (refer to Dialup & Check Settings above for your Operating System)

If none of the above solutions help, you may be required to do the following. However, we recommend a professional assist you with this procedure. You may need to reinstall your modem or its driver. It is also possible that this could be an issue with the local telephone company, you can test this by dialing on your handset to see if you hear modem tones.


Incoming (POP3):

Outgoing (SMTP):

Account name: username (e-mail address, case in-sensitive)

Password: *****

[ ] Log on using Secure Password Authentication (should NOT be checked)

[x] My server requires authentication (should be checked)



[x] Ask before switching dialup connection (should be checked)

[ ] Hang up after sending/receiving (should NOT be checked)

Click APPLY, then OK, then close outlook and it should work.

7. Exceeded Message Quota:

If you are receiving a message stating that you have exceeded your mail quota; please login to webmail to remove any unwanted items. Make sure to check under FOLDERS for discarded mail in "deleted items" as this also counts towards the quota.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Internet Explorer?

Can I pay by Check?

Troubleshooting Email

Mail Server

I can receive email,
but I cannot send.

Where can I send &
receive my email?

Do I have to connect to
read and write email?

Access Numbers

What are the Access Numbers I can use?
BasicISP cannot represent or guarantee that any dialup port is local to you. If any doubt exists, please contact your local telephone company.

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