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BasicISP should be your Dialup ISP

Low prices

Low Prices

Our rate is $8.95/month for basic access. This is not a sale price or a special promotion. We are just that affordable.

Unlimited Dialup Service

Choose an unlimited dialup ISP. Choose BasicISP

Some dialup service providers advertise low prices, but when you look at the fine print, you are not getting an unlimited connection. BasicISP offers unlimited use at only $8.95/month!

Support for a full range of modem speeds

Dialup with 56k, 36.6k, 28.8k, and more with BasicISP

We support up to the fastest dialup speeds! The FCC puts a limit on dialup connection speeds and we support the maximum possible speeds for our customers' modems. Not only do we support the fastest, but even if you have an older modem, we can get you online too.

Full Modem Feature Support

We are the dialup ISP that supports full V.92 features

Want to use call waiting while you are online? Tired of connections taking so long? V.92-capable modems can temporarily put your connection on hold while you take a phone call. Also, V.92 modems can connect to the internet in about 10 seconds instead of the 20 or more seconds it takes on other modems. Check out our access numbers to see which V.92 numbers we have in your area!

Top-notch Tech Support

Get an ISP with free technical support

BasicISP offers free technical support. There are usually no problems getting connected, but just in case there are, call in as often as you need and you will not be charged a single penny for it. No matter how long you are on the phone, you will never pay for support. We have all heard the horror stories of dialup support lines that charge by the minute. That will never be the case with BasicISP.

Buy American

Get an American service provider

BasicISP is a privately owned company with our headquarters in Ohio. All our technical support is done in Ohio as well. Our employees are Americans, because our customers are Americans. You will never be sent to a call center in India, Costa Rica, or anywhere else other than the USA.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our dialup

BasicISP offers a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your service, call in to cancel for a full refund.

We safeguard your privacy

Choose a dialup company that protects your privacy

We will never sell your information to a 3rd party. Period.

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