Email and Internet Service

Basic compared with Other ISPs

Dialup users of several other Internet Service Providers often switch to BasicISP for several reasons. Basically it comes down to three areas where BasicISP cannot be beat: Cost, Privacy and Support. If you subscribe to any other Dialup service such as AOL, NetZero, PeoplePC or EarthLink we strongly recommend that you carefully review the following information - you may be paying more than you need to or your privacy may be at risk!

These things should matter to you when selecting
an Internet Service Provider

  • Is my Privacy Compromised?
  • Is Software Required?
  • Are there any Annoying Banner Ads?
  • Is phone support Non-American?
  • Are there Contracts or Termination Fees?
Once you have had a chance to review your current ISP's terms and policies select this link to learn more about BasicISP and the products we offer.