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BasicISP currently offer's a Standard connection plan. Users of this plan have come to love and trust this service on several points.

Basically the pricing listed is BasicISP's set price. There is no introductory term. There is no bait and switch. There are no gimmicks.

Our Standard plan offers unlimited reliable and dependable internet access with over 45,000 access numbers throughout North America. Use the Access Numbers feature to find local dialup numbers near your location to avoid paying long distance charges. Travel a lot and need Dialup internet service from several locations? No problem, with BasicISP you can dial in to any of our access numbers anytime, anywhere.

Customers of BasicISP enjoy the easy-to-use and convenient Configuration Wizard that gets you connected in seconds. Should you run into difficulties be assured that our support staff is ready to assist. You'll enjoy talking with our all American support staff who are well skilled in navigating you through the set up procedure BasicISP's technical support is free for the first 30days after which there is a small charge for non-account/billing questions. You will find our online Knowledge Base convenient and helpful as well with answers to many common service and technical questions.

BasicISP's low cost Standard Dialup plan is only $8.95 per month and offers unlimited internet and email service. If you are simply interested in having email or plan on being an occasional user who wants the best internet service for the lowest price - BasicISP is your best choice.

Standard Dialup compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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† Exceptions and exclusions may apply. See terms of service for more details.