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Standard ISP Dialup Plan
  • Fast and Reliable Dialup Service
  • 100% American ISP Tech Support
  • Internet Access with no Commitments or Contracts
  • 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed!

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Enjoy our 100% All american Service and Support!
Enjoy our 100%
All American
Service and Support!
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• Fast and Reliable yes check check
• Unlimited Internet and Email Access yes check check
• Built-in Anti-Spam protection yes check check
• Built-in Anti-Virus protection yes check check
• Private internet account activity yes warningview warningview
• Uses only American Support yes no no
• No Commitments or Contracts yes no no
• No Banner ads yes no no
• No Termination fees yes no no
• No Proprietary Software yes no no
• 100% Windows 7, Vista, Mac, Linux, WebTV compatible yes check check
• Works with all free services
(AOL, Yahoo, Google, MSN, eBay, MySpace)
yes check check
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For your convenience there is a link to PeoplePC's and NetZero's terms of service on this chart with more details on PeoplePC's and NetZero's policy and procedures.†

† References to PeoplePC or NetZero based on plans and promotions publicly stated on their respective websites as of April 2010. PeoplePC and NetZero are trademarks of their respective owner.

† The policies and procedures of PeoplePC or NetZero may change from time to time.

* Due to the rapidly increasing costs of providing dialup network access through landline based telephone systems, beginning April 1, 2016 will begin charging a $2.00 per month network access fee on top of the base monthly cost of service.

† Exceptions and exclusions may apply. See terms of service for more details.