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Cabot, Arkansas DSL service may be available.*

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* Cabot has DSL service, however, not all addresses have access to this service.

Due to attenuation or loss of signal, the DSLAM is usually only a few blocks from the connecting modem. For this reason, DSL may be available in your area or neighborhood but service to your home or business is dependent on your proximity to the DSLAM. The prequalification process will take your exact location into account and will report if DSL service is available for your address. When there is service for your location, often more than one speed option is available. When DSL service is not available, the prequalification will give you Dialup and other broadband options that you can take advantage of.

Zip Codes where DSL service may be found: 72023.

Cabot, Arkansas [lat. 34.970000, long. -92.010000] is in Lonoke County, population 53,000.

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All Basic DSL Plans Include:
  • Surf the Internet up to 125x faster
  • “Always on” connection
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  • 5 BasicISP email accounts
  • 30 Hours of back up dialup service
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More about DSL:

DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is a dedicated, always-on broadband connection to your home taking advantage of your already installed standard copper telephone lines. The subscriber's digital modem accesses a network backbone via a high-frequency signal while still allowing voice to be carried on a low-frequency signal. Your local telephone company (telco) has installed Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAM) in strategic locations which concentrate a large number of individual DSL connections into a single box.

Service Areas (LATA): 528.

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(501) - 605 - ####
(501) - 606 - ####
(501) - 628 - ####
(501) - 743 - ####
(501) - 843 - ####
(501) - 941 - ####